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When asked, Mr Emmanuel Offei-Darko, the founder of the Master Soccer League stated :
You need alot of luck to become a pro footballer ,but you can give yourself a better chance when you follow certain principles. Being a professional footballer is a dream of many ghanaians, statically the numbers when it comes to people making it in the Ghana football as professionals are really "sobering".

Out of all the boys who started football in Ghana as a career, less than half or one percent make it. Football is a competitive industry here in Ghana ,it demands dedication, consistency and sacrifice.
Looking at all this said to stand a better chance of being a professional footballer, above are some principles to follow


2. JOIN A TEAM :football is a team sports it is crucial that you Join a team, you need to be playing games regularly to develop yourself.

3. WORK HARD AND BE WILLING TO SACRIFICE : footballers must be willing to put in the work, effort and lifestyle of a champion, showing up on time to training sometimes closing late to develop your weakness

4. HEALTHY DIET AND EXERCISE: professional footballers are athletes and in other to reach that physical level one must maintain a healthy diet and exercise, as professional footballer avoid junk food or alot of sugary treats.

5. CREATE A FOOTBALL CV : creating a CV of you is useful in the pursuit of your career, it creates a profile of you for scouts and potential buyers not only that it encourages you to monitor yourself which helps to identify your strength and weaknesses

6. FIND AN AGENT: just like ever other jobs, football as well relies on networking and it helps when you have contact in the game who may be able to talk for you, you should do your research and look for an agent.



All these being said, the project Master Soccer League is here to keep Ghanian footballers in an active competitive competition and as well give them chances to develop and build themselves, which in turn we would brand organise and market the players giving them more opportunities and networking to archive their goals to be a pro footballer.