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To impress a football scout, there basic things you need to learn:

Football scout is the link between unsigned footballer and a club.

There are three different types of scouts;


these scouts are the most common you will find, they know everything about the club's they are working for, they know the wants and needs, they are responsible for finding players that can benefit the club where they are lacking.


these scouts are responsible for scouting already signed talent into the national teams, once you sign a team this type of scout is the link between you and your national team 


these type of scouts are usually agents themselves on they work for agencies,  their work is to put together or recruit talent, brand, promote them, put them on web of clubs they might have contact with or might be indentified.


To identify a talent we shall look at these 4 structure scouts follow before we dive deep into positions


This is the scientific study or measurements of the human body, it is important to understand that scouts may be looking for different body types for different positions, these could be GROWTH, BODY TYPE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT.


These looks deep into your physical ability to perform, some of the areas a scout might be looking at are; MUSCULAR STRENGTH, STAMINA AND ENDURANCE, BALANCE AND POWER, SPEED AND AGILITY.


Football is mostly 30% physical and 70% psychological, this is the area that is very difficult to develop and scouts are very much interested in mentally strong players, the features been looked at are; DISCIPLINE, CONFIDENCE, DETERMINATION, MOTIVATION, ATTENTION, AWARENESS, AMBITION, RESPECT.


This is the individual skills of a player,these skills can be developed by practice, thesw technical skills may include; BALL CONTROL, BALL POSITIONING, AWARENESS, DRIBBLING, SHOOTING.

Now we can see the structure of player scouting, now we look into position and how these structures are used.


Keepers must have great mental toughness and concentration levels. These are some attributes scouts look fore

Aerial abilities

Command on penalty areas

Communication with defence

Decision making


Good reflexes 


One on one abilities


Shot stoping


Modern Football calls full back wing back, meaning wide defenders need to be more athletic so they can regularly join the attack. These are some attributes scouts look for



Marking ability



Tackling ability

Team responsibility

The timing of forward run

Work rate 


Should be able to control and instigate attacks, having great awareness to clear the ball to a team mate. These are some attributes scouts look for ;

Ball control

Bravery in attempting challenges




Reading of the game


Strong and accurate ball heading

Tackling ability


This is the most difficult position in Football, they are usually the most complete player, they should not just have ball control but as well stamina and defensive ability. These areSome of the attributes scouts look for;


Ball control

Breaking into the opposing box

Marking abilities

Passing abilities under pressure



Tackling and defensive abilities



A player with a blistering pace is favourable in this position for any scout. These are some of the features a scout look for;


Technical ability like dribbling and close control

Off the ball intelligence



Decision making



The main thing a scout wants to see in a striker is Goals, are you a natural finisher? Do you hesitate in front of goal, or strike with confidence without looking up. These are some of the attributes scouts look for;



Finishing ability

Heading ability

Off the ball intelligence


Relative strength

Technical ability

After all these being said, when a team wants a player ,they don't look at only the skill set of the player, they look into

Team work

Player personality

Player mentality

Training attitude.

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When asked, Mr Emmanuel Offei-Darko, the founder of the Master Soccer League stated :
You need alot of luck to become a pro footballer ,but you can give yourself a better chance when you follow certain principles. Being a professional footballer is a dream of many ghanaians, statically the numbers when it comes to people making it in the Ghana football as professionals are really "sobering".

Out of all the boys who started football in Ghana as a career, less than half or one percent make it. Football is a competitive industry here in Ghana ,it demands dedication, consistency and sacrifice.
Looking at all this said to stand a better chance of being a professional footballer, above are some principles to follow


2. JOIN A TEAM :football is a team sports it is crucial that you Join a team, you need to be playing games regularly to develop yourself.

3. WORK HARD AND BE WILLING TO SACRIFICE : footballers must be willing to put in the work, effort and lifestyle of a champion, showing up on time to training sometimes closing late to develop your weakness

4. HEALTHY DIET AND EXERCISE: professional footballers are athletes and in other to reach that physical level one must maintain a healthy diet and exercise, as professional footballer avoid junk food or alot of sugary treats.

5. CREATE A FOOTBALL CV : creating a CV of you is useful in the pursuit of your career, it creates a profile of you for scouts and potential buyers not only that it encourages you to monitor yourself which helps to identify your strength and weaknesses

6. FIND AN AGENT: just like ever other jobs, football as well relies on networking and it helps when you have contact in the game who may be able to talk for you, you should do your research and look for an agent.



All these being said, the project Master Soccer League is here to keep Ghanian footballers in an active competitive competition and as well give them chances to develop and build themselves, which in turn we would brand organise and market the players giving them more opportunities and networking to archive their goals to be a pro footballer.
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Master Soccer League season 1 summary

The maiden season of Ghana's private league the Master Soccer League, saw a collective pool of buzzing and dazzling talented individuals yearning for the spotlight in the Ghanaian footballing set up. 

It was made up of four (4) teams Union De Reyes, Thunder Wolves, Predators and Mighty Foxes. 

The first match saw Predators and Mighty Foxes spoil the shares in an entertaining 1 all draw with goals Maxwell Boakye's good hit free-kick to put Predators ahead and Ketu Godwin equaliser for Mighty Foxes. Union De Reyes's first season win was made possible by Edinam Kotoku , after a neat work on the right hand side between Assefuah and Abraham Kubah to whip in a low cross for the striker to tap in, for them to go up the league table .

The second match between Predators and Thunder Wolves ended up in all draw in a nail biting encounter with both teams missing golden opportunities, 

League leaders Union De Reyes faced Mighty Foxes in an epic clash with Union De Reyes squandering lots of chances, but the breakthrough came after Greens unstoppable shot which couldn't be stopped by the Foxes goalie to put the leaders ahead, in the dying minutes a defensive mishap made Ketu Godwin capitalize and hit a low power drive in the bottom of the right corner to make it a draw at the end. 

At the end of Match day 2Predators were awarded 3 points and 3 goals making them go top of the table but on the same points with Union De Reyes after Thunder Wolves fielded an ineligible players, with Mighty Foxes on one point and Thunder Wolves with no points. 

The battle for the bragging rights at the summit of the league between league leaders Predators and Union De Reyes ended in an all zero draw with Predators missing a penalty. 

Thunder Wolves got their first win of the season against Mighty Foxes in a tantalising fixture, with an easy cruise thanks to goals from Shasha and .......,........ 

Predators maintained their sspot at the top of the league with Union De Reyes following with the same points, and Thunder Wolves edging past Mighty Foxes on the league table.

Predators had to dropout due to technical issues, which led to an all play all in the final fixture and with a win Union De Reyes would be crowned champions. 

Union De Reyes faced off against Thunder Wolves with Green, Edinam and Nicholas giving them the comfortable lead with Shasha missing from the penalty spot to salvage something for his team. 

Mighty Foxes and Thunder Wolves shared the spoils in a 2 - 2 draw with world-class goals from Daco of Mighty Foxes and Dominic of Thunder Wolves. 

The first season ended up with Green, Edinam, and Ketu Godwin as leading goalscorers, Daniel Assefuah leading the Assist chart, Philip Newman winning the Golden glove award and Abraham Kubah winning the overall best player . 

Which makes 5 players of Union De Reyes bag almost all the awards for the season. 

The First season of the Masters Soccer League was graced with players with so much abilities from goalkeepers to strikers , from the orchestrating abilities of Abraham Kubah if Union De Reyes, Payet, Daniel Quaye of Mighty Foxes, and Akhan and Douglas of Predators. 

The skill, power and pace of Dominic ,Peters and Shasha of Thunder Wolves, The finesse and finishing abilities of Edinam Kotoku and Green of Union De Reyes and Ketu Godwin of Mighty Foxes. 

Not forgetting the defensive prowess possessed by Fynn of Mighty Foxes, the pairing of Bismark Arthur and Samba and Philip Newman all of Union De Reyes. 

With the tone set for the next season, players like Basit who's the youngest of the tournament playing for Union De Reyes, V. Nyame of Thunder Wolves and new teams like FC YOUNG EPERVIER , FC AYA , FC BANDARAS & FC GOAL SEEKERS

Master league is set to see more ............. And more ............. 

Will Union De Reyes be able to defend their title.